Friday, September 21, 2012

Last Day of Summer

Today is the last day of summer, and as much as I an enormously glad to be wearing my big boy pants again, it is also the warning shot for "The Winter Madness". And I would just remind everyone that due to certain biological implications of astronomical events. About 1/5 of the US population will experience seasonal depression or its sub-clinical variation.

It is because of this that I am offering up my household's wisdom on coping with the winter madness. First off is just to know, you might be more depressed this winter, and it will be because of biology. So if your loved ones seem off, or if you seem off to them, it might just be vestigial hibernation. Secondly, exercise helps. It helps a lot. The data says that cardio is better for fighting off depression than strength training. But I prefer picking things up and putting them back down.

The third thing, and this may be the most important, is that the beginning of fall represents an end to Hank Williams season. Hank Williams is just Too Fucking Depressing to be consumed during peak winter madness months. Much like pills and booze, you shouldn't mix depressants; Hank Williams in February could literally kill a man.

But warnings aside, bring on the jeans and boots and fashionable jackets! Fall is here and as my lady informed me this morning "Its leather weather!"

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