Sunday, March 15, 2015

On being wrong.

I just heard on NPR's radio show The Moth a story by June Cross. It ends with her recounting being at a Johnny Cash show and hearing "I Walk the Line". And she hears a song about her life of being biracial, and the harsh choices of being either black or white that she was faced with. A song about how she might be able to find her way in the middle of those two choices.

Don't be too scrupulous about being right all the time, sometimes if you listen very carefully, you'll hear what you need to hear, no matter what other people think they mean.

Some questions if you have time.

I'm working on a talk that I'm giving next sunday, if you have time could you answer four questions for me (here or privately)?

What are virtues that are important to you?

What are some things that you wish you did more of?

What are some things you wish you did less of?

What, if anything, inspires you towards these virtues and actions?