Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Why are we so interested in violence?

They are obsessed with "our base interests" because no animal could have survived without an obsessive interest in the four F's:

1) Feeding
2) Fighting
3) Fleeing
4) Mating

There is nothing wrong with you for finding these for subjects interesting. Any animal that doesn't find these 4 things of paramount interest is doomed. "The kids these days" are just interested in the four basics of special survival.

Enough with the moralizing, enough with the associative magic. We are interested in things that we like and things we don't like in large part due to what we should have been interested in as animals struggling for survival. Which ones of these interest should and should not be pursued is a different question but I'm sick to death of people openly wondering why children are so obsessed with violence.

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