Friday, February 1, 2013

Wareham, MA

We live in the richest, most powerful nation in the history of our species and yet we fail to provide the basest basics for the most challenged among us. 

It makes me very sad. 

I just spoke to a man while waiting for the bus. He asked me if I had any rolling papers. Then he asked me if I could spare some change, I gave him $0.50. Then he started to explain to me this theory about the planets, the mbta buses, Martha's Vinyard and which judge the MBTA police take you to. He was interrupted by the arival of the bus. 

He had very few teeth, and they looked like the kind that cause you more problems then do you any good. I think the bus driver made him pay. As he passed me to his seat he said thank you with real gratitude in his voice. When some other people got off the bus he said "God bless you" in a very sad and serious voice. 

This man is demonized when people rail against welfare. This poor lost soul is a "taker" and not a "maker". He is outside, right now, and he is not sure what planet 
he is on; but he does know the judge the MBTA police take you to is in Wareham. 

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