Sunday, January 6, 2013

Experimental Breakfast

People often ask what atheists believe, or what the point of the Boston Atheists is. In response I have generated a couple of answers. One answer is that we should take empirical research more seriously and personally. We take scientific research to be knowledge about the world and ourselves. And I think we can do a better job of interpreting it and using it to inform the way we live and make decisions. I mean to take the best that science has to offer us and help to put it to use improving ourselves, each other and our environment.

That is the point of the Experimental Breakfast. In the TED talk I've linked to you will see Barry Schwartz explain his research into what he called "the paradox of choice". His conclusion is that too much choice is bad for us and leads to a reduction in satisfaction and happiness. And ordinarily linking the video would be all I would do, but now that I am president I have the leeway to do more.

And more is the Experimental Breakfast where you will receive, in keeping with the best research available, a limited menu. And we will see if fewer options leads to more enjoyment of what you pick.

Lets use science to improve our lives! Lets do it together! Over waffles!

(Or french toast. To be honest the menu isn't settled yet.)

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