Monday, October 8, 2012

A Request for Stories

After my talk last week I heard that one of the attendees would like to hear some ways to talk about atheism without causing offense. If they bring up their views some of people around them would take offense as if he was attacking his interlocutor’s views. And he is looking for ways around this problem that aren't fighting with people, staying silent, or disowning loved ones.

I myself have never really had this problem. Because I have no firsthand experience with this kind of problem I would love to hear some stories about the kinds of conversations that are difficult for people. Tell me what kinds of arguments you get into, or what subjects get you into the most trouble. Or anything you think is relevant, I just need more to go on to work on this problem.

This kind of work, where I would construct arraignments of ideas for others to use, is one of the best things I can offer in this context. But on this front I don't have enough personal experience to do so. So help me out and tell me a story.

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